OTC Presidential Year 3 charts

The first line in the legend shows the date range with the position in the Presidential cycle following the year.

The second line begins with the index "OTC" followed by the difference between the beginning value and the ending value (the return for the year). The second number is the lowest low from the beginning and the third number is the highest high from the beginning. There is a dash between the 2nd and 3rd numbers, not a minus sign.

The third line begins MDD for Maximum drawdown and the percentage amount followed by the date it occurred. The final item in line 3 CAR (Compound Annual Return) should be ignored, for one year it is the same as total return.

Vertical dashed lines have been drawn on the 1st trading day of month year.













The following charts show a rolling 20 year average (5 cycles) of year 3. Each month is made up of 21 trading days including the first 11 and the last 10 trading days of the month. When a month had more than 21 trading days some of the days in the middle have been excluded. When a month had less than 21 trading days some of the days in the middle were counted twice. Any day with a move of more than 2% had its move counted as 2% so no single day would change the shape of the chart.

1965 - 1985

1975 - 1995

1985 - 2005

The last chart shows a composite of all years 3 1963 - 2011