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April 22, 2010

Website Goodies

We have recently upgraded our website and now offer a number of interesting features on our homepage:

  • The FormulaTM: A free downloadable brochure on our revolutionary investment strategy.
  • Alpha Dow/Real Dow: 10 and 20 year graphs of the nominal and inflation adjusted Dow Industrials compared to the Alpha Dow. What is the Alpha Dow? You'll have to click to find out.
  • The Real S&P 500: A long-term look (1880 - 2010) at the inflation adjusted S&P 500 index, price/earnings ratios, dividends, earnings, and long-term interest rates, courtesy of Professor Robert Shiller and Yale University. Viewing this data is a sure cure to the "buy and hold" conventional wisdom.
  • Our latest quarterly report to clients.
  • Income and Growth: A look at our Alpha Bonds program - a unique solution to income growth.
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income: A brief description and order form for information about the benefits and features of our favorite "living benefit" tax-deferred annuity.
  • Tax-Deferred Mutual Funds: Order information on how to convert your taxable fund portfolio into a tax-deferred portfolio for just $20 a month.
  • Free CD-ROM: A CD presentation of Alpha's risk management philosophy and investment ideals.
  • Free mutual fund performance reports: Order up to four performance reports on mutual funds of interest.
  • White Paper: Boomers Beware: Download our free white paper on the long-term return prospects for the stock market and the investment problems confronting the current generation of retirees.
  • 401(k)/IRA Rollover: Information on how to rollover your 401(k) into an IRA managed by Alpha.
  • Alpha Newsletter Archive: Recent subscribers may want to review past topics of interest.
  • Research: Click on research and you can sign-up for our technical newsletter written by Mike Burk. This free weekly newsletter offers a running analysis of the technical condition of the market, with supplementary information from Gordon Harms and Roy Ashworth (the developer of Fast Rube). In this section you can also review my recent articles.
Jerry Minton, Ph.D.

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