Alpha Investment Management offers investment strategies to conservative investors seeking positive returns year after year. We believe that the long-term investor who consistently experiences positive annual results, based on the robust returns available in the stock market, will build wealth, over time, at a rate far in excess of inflation and taxes.

Alpha's risk management discipline is founded on the fact that the long-term returns of the stock market are not distributed randomly over time. Instead, we have identified multiple cycles which, over the long-term, skew returns into defined periods of the calendar year, as well as longer periods which are controlled by the four-year presidential election cycle. This cyclicality is often called a "seasonal effect".

As you will see, some of these cycles are global in nature, caused by universal aspects of human behavior. This means that these cycles will persist into the indefinite future just as they have over the past seven decades of stock market history in the U.S. and globally.

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Alpha Power Investing Newsletter

Alpha Power Investing Newsletter

Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture
The stock market is and has always been something of a good news...
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